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Fitness can be challenging for many Muslimahs, not only because they face the standard obstacles to exercise like staying motivated, not seeing the desired results after a lot of hard work, or feeling lost and not knowing where to start, but also because it can be very hard to navigate fitness as a Muslim woman.

Whether it’s not having the right workout gear, not feeling comfortable at the gym, or not finding an instructor that resonates with them and their needs, these are some of the additional barriers that many Muslimahs experience, which make it even harder for them to reach their health and fitness goals.

Jabeen Jabbar is one such Muslimah who struggled with her weight from a young age, and faced a lot of challenges throughout her weight loss journey. However, she never gave up. She persisted in reaching her goals and continued to make changes to her diet and workout routine until she discovered the dietary changes and workout methods that were effective for her body and led to real results.

She not only exceeded her weight-loss goals, but her experience and love for fitness fueled her passion to help other women achieve their own fitness goals. Jabeen is now a Certified Personal Trainer, a Group Personal Trainer Specialist, a Youth Exercise Specialist, and a Mental Toughness Coach, who also goes by “Coach Jabs” to her clients. She officially launched her own brand called Jab’s Fit Lab in 2020, an online women-only fitness hub where she offers personalized training and guidance online to Muslim women all over the world.

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Her Journey to Fitness and Confidence

As bubbly and outgoing as Jabeen is when you interact with her, she hasn’t always been that way. When she was younger, she struggled with her confidence because of her weight; her shyness and low self-esteem even caused her to develop a stammering problem.

After years of looking in the mirror, disappointed and even defeated by her own reflection, she decided she was going to do something about it. She started making small changes in her life and diet, like cutting out soda and fried food, which proved to be very effective as her weight began to drop, pound by pound.

Throughout this process, one thing she continued to struggle with was her confidence. She was in need of motivation and inspiration to keep going, but couldn’t find anyone that looked like her as a hijabi Muslimah. That is until she came across
a few Muslim trainers in the U.S, who became huge sources of inspiration for her.

With hard work and determination, she reached her weight-loss goals despite all of the ups and downs she had faced along the way. But Jabeen’s journey didn’t stop there.

Her experience inspired her to want to be the coach she needed for other Muslim women like her, to help them reach their fullest potential and achieve long-lasting, sustainable fitness goals.

Jab’s Fit Lab, “The Specialized Experience”

Whether it is exercising, running, hiking, Jabeen is constantly pushing her exercise capabilities to new limits. She loves the powerful feeling she gets when she builds up the momentum in her workouts and develops the inner strength and mental toughness to push past her breaking point, achieving new fitness feats that she didn’t think were physically possible.

Her increased passion for fitness led her to create Jab’s Fit Lab to help Muslim women experience that same feeling, to empower them to tap into their own inner strength and overcome their greatest challenges, whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual.

In 2020, she turned her garage into a workout studio, created a logo, and started her work as a fitness coach. She was blown away at the positive response and number of signups she received for her first workout class.

Since then, she continues to grow her brand and helps women transform their lives through her personalized sessions. Through her one-on-one onboarding sessions, she listens to the needs and struggles of each and every one of her clients to ensure that she guides them with practical and realistic tips that fit their individual lifestyles and goals. The extra, focused attention each woman is given allows them to reach their health and fitness goals quicker and more effectively.

There are four membership packages offered in Jab’s Fit Lab: Jabs Basic, Jabs Live, Jabs Flex,  Jabs Elite. Jabs Basic offers on-the-go, full-body personalized workouts on an app; Jabs Live consists of a live high impact workout that takes place every Monday and Wednesday; Jabs Flex is a live flexibility workout every Tuesday and Thursday, and Jabs Elite includes one-on-one personal training, assessments, accountability, nutrition, and more.

Photo Credit: Zubaida Henna. M .

Looking Towards the Future

Other than coaching her clients, Coach Jabeen is training for a half marathon as a St Jude Hero, fundraising for kids with cancer. She is also getting ready to host a hike to Iron Mountain, the second highest point in Poway County, California. Coach Jabs is passionate about promoting diversity in the outdoors and encouraging her clients to take their movement outside of the home.

Although Jabeen has numerous certifications under her belt, she is always striving to learn and specialize in more areas so that she can be a stronger resource for her clients and offer them more valuable information, insight, and assistance. She’s currently in the process of becoming a Nutrition Coach, a Stretch and Flexibility Coach, a Weight-Loss Specialist, and a Women’s Fitness Specialist. She also is connected with a physiotherapist, and helps clients who have suffered injuries transition to exercising again.

Through her specialized approach, Jab’s Fit Lab has created a community and a safe-space for women with similar goals to connect and support one another. She hopes to one day have an exclusive space where she can offer in-person sessions, and bring women together to connect with them on a deeper level and help them become the best versions of themselves.

For more information about Jab’s Fit Lab and the membership packages, check out the Jab’s Fit Lab Experience Info Pack. If you’re interested in joining the Jab’s Fit Lab community, take advantage of the opportunity to register for Two Free Live Group Workout Sessions, here. Be sure to sign up for her membership packages using our discount code, AMW2022 for 10% off!

To connect with Coach Jabs to see if she is the right fit for your health and fitness journey, schedule a Fitness Consultation. Stay informed about upcoming events and deals by subscribing to her email list, and join the Jab’s Fit Lab Facebook Private Women Only Group to connect with Jab’s Fit Lab and other group members! Be sure to also follow Jab’s Fit Lab on Instagram and Facebook.


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