Ayah Shaheen

Editor in Chief

Founder and editor of AM Women Magazine, Ayah Shaheen always had a passion for writing and reading magazines. She graduated with a BA in Journalism and a minor in graphic design, and it was during her time in college that her journey with AM Women began. Having had such a difficult time navigating through life as a Palestinian American Muslim, she saw the need for a resource that would provide guidance for women like her. Although she always imagined herself working for a popular editorial publication, the lack of representation and her inability to connect with the branding and content of existing magazines motivated her to create her own. By creating this online platform, Ayah is living out her dream of helping American Muslim women live their best lives one article and story at a time. When she is not busy plugging away on her laptop, you can find her either spending time with family and friends or rummaging through racks at her favorite clothing stores. She’s a lover of all things fashion, beauty, Oreo, crab rangoon, and she has a Gilmore Girls kind of obsession with coffee.

Aisha Khalfay


Aisha Khalfay is a sassy and classy young mom who grew up in both the U.S. and Canada. She received a double major in Psychology and Political Science from McMaster University in Canada. She finds that her travels have positively refined her life and her perspective on the world. In 2014, her life was forever changed when she had her first child–a daughter! She has wanted to focus her career on children ever since. Currently, she is working on a mini children’s fantasy book series that instills faith-based morals and values on its young readers. In the future, she hopes to become a child psychologist and/or counselor. She also has a knack for transitional decor, adores modest fashion, making her kids laugh, and a strong cup of tea. Aisha happily lives in the active city of Denver, Colorado with her bookwormy five-year old daughter, sporty three-year old son, and doting husband.

Rashida Abraham


Always ready to debate politics with you, Rashida is a healthcare professional by day and a nursing student by night. She enjoys political comedies (DUH!) and getting cuddles from Bella, her anxious pet cat. Rashida is from Michigan but currently resides on the East Coast.

Hasheemah Afaneh


Hasheemah Afaneh is a Palestinian-American who was born in one place and raised in two. Most of her time growing up (and she’s still growing up) was spent with family, friends, books and her grandmothers, in no particular order. Her worst enemy is writer’s block. She pursued an undergraduate degree at Birzeit University before choosing to pursue a graduate degree in public health at Louisiana State University School of Public Health. Between her full time job in public health, she finds time to write and read. She’s written for HuffPost, Reclamation Magazine, This Week in Palestine, Fair Observer, Sinking City Literary Magazine and others. If you want to learn more about what she’s passionate about, check out her blog at:

Aishah Iqbal


Someone once told Aishah that because she was born in Indonesia, she was Indonesian. Of course, she disagreed because her family is originally from Pakistan. But Aishah also had a hard time completely believing that she was a Pakistani Muslim herself since she never lived there. At a young age, she had experienced many different countries and cultures with her family, with each stop deepening her own confusion about who she was. This lead to many years of crafting a persona that looked great on paper–pursuing higher education at respected educational institutions, working in highly sought after positions in well-known companies, and living in places that many people dream of visiting. But it was only after she gave birth to her daughter, as an unmarried woman, did Aishah finally realize who she was and why she wanted to be here. From that moment on, her life has been adventurous and fulfilling in ways that she never imagined. Now in her 40s, Aishah is not only a highly successful marketing executive in Silicon Valley, but also a blogger, author and life coach for moms. To see how she views the world and life around her, follow her on Instagram @aishahiqbal.

Amna Rahman

Writer/Copy Editor

Amna is an Indian Muslim based in Boston. Coming from a society where ancient deep-rooted cultural traditions are presumed as religion, her decision to marry a revert made her stand out— quite literally! She is an advertising nerd and has spent 5 years brainstorming ideas for brands at various advertising agencies in India. Her aim in life is to create memorable pieces of work that she can proudly associate with. Amna values deep conversations, creativity, and genuineness. She is also a serial doodler @fatcheekscreative and a budding plant enthusiast @plantedindoors.