Ramadan Kareem to our beautiful followers! May it be full of blessings, peace, and tranquility for you all, and may He accept your efforts and fasts this year! We hope you are making the most of this holy month, and will come out of it with a rejuvenated soul.

For this Sweet Tooth Saturday feature, we won’t be sharing a recipe per se, but a Ramadan staple that people all over the world break their fast with at iftar. Dates are a well-known, and beloved sunnah fruit grown off of date palm trees, and are really energizing, which makes them the perfect pick-me-up for those fasting. Since they are such a huge part of our Islamic tradition in Ramadan, we had to highlight these unique date arranging ideas!

We are going to share how you can get artsy with the age-old dates by showing you a variety of fun ways to present them at iftar. It will make you and your family more enticed to take a bite of, and enjoy the sweet taste of these nutritious fruit snacks.

We are excited to welcome back Najwa from Nano’s Kitchen, @nanos_kitchen1! She was the first-ever to be featured with us for Sweet Tooth Saturdays. In case you do not remember, she shared the delicious Umm Ali recipe with us in February. Check it out, here.

Artsy Architecture

Najwa launched “Date Arrangements” in 2019. The whole idea began when she wanted to make Ramadan extra special for her friends and family. She decided to take her love of cooking and hosting, and combine it with her love of crafts and design. Therefore, she created these amazing date displays which are ever so breathtakingly beautiful! Just take one look, and you’ll fall in love–even if you aren’t a big date fan.

Her most popular, best-selling design is the palm tree, and we can see why! She also makes beautiful tray arrangements as well. So, depending on how much of a ‘wow’ factor you would like, you can choose accordingly.

Blessed Beginnings

These gorgeous arrangements were a big hit last Ramadan when they were first introduced. The orders started coming in immediately after Najwa’s first post on these decadent displays. It was a month of blessings, indeed!

If anyone would like some inspiration, and/or to purchase a date arrangement for gift-giving, or just to enjoy at home with family, please check them out on her Instagram page, @nanos_kitchen1! These edible delights are perfect and unique for a centerpiece, and will surely be a conversation starter for an iftar or Eid party (let’s hope we can celebrate with family and friends this year if, Inshallah, this Covid-19 crisis ends)!

Who knows? We may all be able to enjoy Eid with and finally see our loved ones very soon! But as it is likely that people are staying home for the majority, if not all of Ramadan, it will be an artistic and delicious addition to add cheer and delight to your home during this unconventional Ramadan like no other.

Creating the Display

The process starts with the best and freshest Medjool dates. Najwa says that the quality of the dates is one thing she does not compromise upon. First, the seeds are removed individually by hand and replaced with the best roasted nuts of choice (cashew, almond, pistachios, macadamia, and much more). After that, these beautiful chewy, crunchy treats are carefully dipped in premium quality melted chocolate. Finally, they are arranged in a desired arrangement for guests to enjoy.

Book Your Order Now!

These dates are also the perfect energizing bites for suhoor, and will taste great with your cup of coffee or tea. Najwa promises that more designs are to come, and with them, more exciting new flavors. If you want to take a flavorful bite, do not miss out! Visit Nanos Kitchen, @nanos_kitchen1 on Instagram to order from her selection of beautiful and masterful designs. These date arrangements are sure to hit the spot on your sweet tooth, and steal the spotlight at your next Eid party or special occasion!

Stay tuned for our next Sweet Tooth Saturday feature this Ramadan, where we’ll bring you another delicious treat that will truly sweeten up your iftar!

How do you like your dates? What desserts/foods do you make with them? Let us know in the comments below!

Aisha Khalfay
Aisha Khalfay

Aisha Khalfay is a sassy and classy young mom who grew up in both the U.S. and Canada. She received a double major in Psychology and Political Science from McMaster University in Canada. She finds that her travels have positively refined her life and her perspective on the world. In 2014, her life was forever changed when she had her first child–a daughter! She has wanted to focus her career on children ever since. Currently, she is working on a mini children’s fantasy book series that instills faith-based morals and values on its young readers. In the future, she hopes to become a child psychologist and/or counselor. She also has a knack for transitional decor, adores modest fashion, making her kids laugh, and a strong cup of tea. Aisha happily lives in the active city of Denver, Colorado with her bookwormy five-year old daughter, sporty three-year old son, and doting husband.

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