School is officially back in session! Are you the kind of person that loses track of all the little tasks while trying to remember the big ones? Do you ever feel like you put school or work before your self-care? Girl, buy a planner! 

But we’re not talking about just any planner. A daily Muslim planner is better tailored to the Muslimah lifestyle than the average agenda book. You can use these Islamic journals not only to stay on top of your daily and/or long-term commitments, but also to increase your connection with your faith as well. 

As a Muslim woman, you not only have personal and academic duties but religious duties as well, and these Muslimah planner books can help you manage them all in one place!

Don’t let being busy affect your ability to fulfill your religious needs and improve your deen any longer; instead, get organized this semester with AM Women’s favorite Islamic planners that we have rounded up below!


The Barakah Journal

The Barakah Journal offers easy weekly routine planning so you can sit down once a week and organize your plans and responsibilities. Schedule your prayers and activities, set your intentions and goals for the week, and meditate on your gratitude.

The daily reflections allow you to gather your thoughts, reflect, and review your productivity for the day. Use the daily and weekly prompts to stay focused and learn more about yourself in the process.

This daily Islamic journal is consciously made by The Productive Muslim Company, which also offers free printable planners when you subscribe to The Productive Muslim. This deal includes daily and weekly Muslim planners as well as habit and routine trackers. Subscribe and get your printable PDFs here.


Joy Within Planners

Plan your daily activities around salah and find balance in your personal and spiritual life with the Joy Within planners. Set goals and priorities for each day and choose a weekly Quran verse to invite inspiration and reflection.

As their website description states, this planner will help you plan for the “Here” (Dunya) and the “After” (Akhira), which is the ultimate goal for many Muslims. 

It also makes it easier for you to stay on task with its daily habit checklist and is completely adaptable to your specific needs.


Muslim Planner by HibaGifting

This cheery planner is vibrant and a great option for Muslimahs of all ages. Since it’s undated, you don’t have to wait until next year, you can buy this planner now! It features monthly spreads, income trackers, and habit trackers for Ramadan, ibadah, salat, Quran, and more.

There’s also a colorful mood tracker so you can be more aware of your growth as a woman. On the smaller side, this Muslim planner will fit right in your purse! HibaGifting also makes adorable Muslimah Journaling Stickers that are a must-have for the DIY girl who loves to spice things up!


The Daily Planner by Striving For Modesty

Striving For Modesty created this 6-month, undated planner for the busy Muslimah. You can write down your appointments, daily meal plans, tasks, and keep track of your prayers with an easy and straightforward checkbox system.

Each page is dedicated to only one day, leaving enough room to also set daily duas and jot down thoughts from your Quran readings. All this is tucked into a beautiful floral design!

Also check out the Striving Flawlessly Muslimah Planner, a 12-month undated planner made for Muslimahs by Muslimahs! Take it a step even further with their salah tracker and dua list sticky notes!

Striving For Modesty also sends free monthly printables when you join their #FlawlessPlanners list. You can subscribe here.


Islamic Daily Planner (Printable Etsy PDF)

Looking for less commitment? Download and print out this daily planner and use it on those days you need a little more direction. Track your prayers, organize your to-do list, and set a aua or a quote of the day. 

This Etsy Shop also has a variety of Islamic printables that you can purchase and print as needed, such as a Daily Prayer Tracker, Salut Tracker, Quran Reading Tracker, a 30-day Juz Checklist, a Surah Checklist, and so much more! You could even combine them all into one planner!


Islamic Muslimah Digital Planner (Etsy)

Does your job call for you to exist on your computer? Or do you prefer not to carry a physical planner around, but rather have one you can navigate online? The Muslimah Digital Planner can help you organize your school and work life while also maintaining your spiritual needs.

Leave it open in the background on your note app to keep yourself organized or download it to a portable iPad or tablet. This one-year planner also has lots of freedom for personalization with digital stickers and your favorite quotes. The convenience and ease of use makes it perfect for the busy, working Muslimah!


Digital Life Planner for Muslims (Etsy)

For those meticulous life planners, this modern digital planner is everything! It has every tracker imaginable: Quran, health, finance, and even a section to jot down lecture notes. Schedule your prayer times, contemplate your daily gratitudes, choose your favorite duas, and set positive intentions each day.

You can arrange your life on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Furthermore, this planner is divided into sections like trackers, checklists, notes, goals, and “My Islam” so that you can easily navigate it and stay organized, rather than having to scribble everything down in one place or page. Set goals, take notes, and check off to-do lists with this deeply immersive Muslim life planner.


Daily Planner to Jannah

Do you want to organize your religious life and strengthen your iman in a productive way? The Daily Planner to Jannah makes it easy and simple. You can get on top of your Quran readings, plan your prayers, then reflect on what you learned from the Quran in the journal section. Be sure to choose a daily sunnah and a daily dua to keep yourself inspired and bring you peace throughout the day!


Allah is the Best of Planners

This 90-day planner includes a to-do list, a salah checklist, a Quran tracker, healthy habits, and more. For those looking to form new and productive habits, this journal will help you reach your goals and become comfortable with a daily routine that not only makes you a better Muslim, but a better and more productive person in general!  


For more affordable Islamic planners, check out this lineup from Amazon below!


If you don’t already have an Islamic planner, what are you waiting for? When it comes to the life of a Muslimah, let’s face it: average planners just don’t cut it. By including your religious duties, prayers, and other daily tasks in one planner, you’re clearing out the clutter in your head and making room for healthier habits.

Plus, the right planner that suits your lifestyle and personality can boost your mood, increase your productivity, and improve your quality of life as you balance your duties to your faith with grace. The stress will melt away as you reach your religious, academic, and personal goals one day and dua at a time!


Which of these Islamic planners is your favorite? Are there any we forgot? Let us know in the comments below!

Maya Douglas
Maya Douglas

Maya is an Editorial Intern at AM Women's Magazine. She is a senior at the University of Massachusetts and will graduate in 2023 with a Bachelor's in English and a Concentration in Creative Writing. Although she loves to write poetry and fiction stories, she hopes to soon find a job in professional content or copywriting and is excited to begin a new chapter of professional writing in which she can also be creative. Maya also has a strong passion for music. She’s a classically trained pianist and teaches on the side.

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