Muslim women deal with a variety of struggles on a daily basis, whether it be trying to keep their hijab in place all day, or becoming a target for stereotypes and criticism just for wearing it. Here are six artists who don’t let their struggles keep them down, and instead make hilariously relatable comics for us to enjoy.


1. Huda, @yesimhotinthis

Don’t you just hate awkward moments like these? Most people don’t understand–to them, it’s just a handshake. So, they end up looking at you like you’re a victim of oppression, an alien from Mars, or like your religion is too extremist. What would you do in a situation like this? Huda Fahmy goes by @yesimhotinthis on Instagram and posts comics every day that take a look at the funny and awkward side of daily interactions.

She also published a comic book series titled, Yes, I’m Hot in This, where she delves further into the story of Huda’s American Muslim experience and how she navigates through life as a veiled woman. You’ll also get a closer look at all of the characters we have grown to love on Instagram. Like our favorite: the oh-so naive and ignorant Susan. Her comics are humorous, lighthearted, and everything we didn’t know we needed.

Stay tuned for her upcoming comic book called, That Can Be Arranged, where she shares what the common practice of getting married is like as a Muslim woman. You can also see more of Huda’s daily comics here.

2. JessieB, @cadoodler

This couldn’t be any more accurate! Who needs a watch when the state of your hijab can be used to tell time? This comic is a playful take on a regular nuisance that occurs in the daily episodes of Keeping Up With The Hijab. That really should be a series, though.

A long day is never easy, especially when you have to worry about keeping those baby hairs or bangs tucked back every couple of hours minutes. Someone needs to come up with a hijab with grips or something, because simply tucking your hair back just doesn’t do the trick. You can check out the chronicles of Jessie’s hijab struggles on her Instagram page, @cadoodler.

3. Nasima, @moosleemargh

Story of our lives! Another wedding means another matchmaking opportunity for the women looking to set up their single brother, son, uncle, or whoever else they know that’s on a scavenger hunt for their future wife. And what better place or time than the celebration of someone else’s marriage? The wedding vibes are at an all time high, and there are plenty of dolled-up girls to choose from! Insert eye-rolling emoji here. 

Don’t you just love when the age card gets pulled though? It really sets that marriage alarm clock right off. Instead of being proud of your accomplishments and the successful woman you have become, the relatives you haven’t seen in a while, a.k.a the aunties, just brush them off as if the only skills that really matter involve cooking and cleaning. It makes us women just “love” weddings that much more, amiright? But like Nasima says, hopefully there’s good food and cake to get you through it, at least!

Follow her on Instagram, @moosleemargh to see more of her hilariously relatable work.

4. Atika, @tikatoons

Atika, or @tikatoons on Instagram, pokes fun at the struggles of Eid in this playful cartoon. Between the busy schedule of visiting all of your family in one day and trying to keep your nicest clothes clean for the celebration, Eid can be hectic. Atika’s fun comic really captured the most common struggles and happenings that make Eid celebrations what they are.

My favorite is the one where the older girl is hiding from the group of kids hunting her down for their Eid money, LOL. Atika posts cartoons almost daily over on her Instagram, and we still can’t get enough. Check out her page and follow her for more laughs.

5. @hoodncape

This struggle is so real! Hoodncape does a great job of not only showing the struggles and experiences of a veiled Muslim women, but she also incorporates Islamic teachings and messages that inspire her followers to be better Muslims and people in her adorable illustrations.

She has also started a series called, “Hoodcast,” which is a creative play on podcasts in illustration form. She stars inspirational guests and tells you their stories, struggles and successes in transcribed, comic-style interviews. They are short and sweet, but super engaging and leave you wanting to learn more about her guests and their projects. Click here to check out an episode of her comicast series as well as her other entertaining comics. 

6. Thaakirah Jacobs, @thaaks.i

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Thaakirah creates super relatable content where we can laugh at ourselves a bit, especially when it comes to the struggles of #momlife. She makes light of any situation and shows us how finding the humor in things can relieve some of the stress we feel in our everyday lives. She also uses her illustrations to talk about important topics like the Me Too movement and the negative effects of social media. Check out more of her beautiful illustrations that will surely inspire you here. 

We hope you enjoyed these humurous comics as much as we did. Which of these illustrations could you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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